Creative PowerPoint that will make your Business stand out!


These don't look like PowerPoint presentations do they? That is the whole point! We are tired of just seeing bullets on PowerPoint so these are clever ways to present your information. To get a peek at how each of these works, click on the picture of the design type. Don't worry it opens a new window so you will be able to come right back here when ready. 

Filmstrip PowerPoint

Use this to show customers your staff. Or to explain what different job titles are. Or many other things. Each picture is linked to its own information so people can click on any one in any order. It is fun and effective!


With this design we can put information about your staff, your departments, your teams, or other things you need. It is a business look that just makes sense!

Office Setting

This one is really unique. It allows you to click on each character in the office and find out what they do. Or in the 'break area' the people are talking about issues that could address safety, sexual harrassment, or other HR issues. 


This one is very business looking and can be used in many ways. You can have it show different department information. You could have it promote different product lines. Best when used with five items.


This design can be headed to show the different 'articles' for your magazine. It is a clever and fun way to show off your information for a presentation or a brochure or more. 

iPhone Look

This one is really unique. By clicking on the different items on the screen it can take the user to information about that subject. It is so popular because we are used to using and seeing iPhone images.

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